You are Welcome Number 50!

Good morning club members of PANERISTICLUB e.V.,

we are proud to introduce you our 50th club member since last weekend.
Five week back nobody expected to have 50 club members in that short period of time with us. And in addition we are talking about a very special member…not member “una signora”.
Many of you may know her already.
We don’t spend to many words… Simona, please introduce yourself:

Simona Portofino

“Dear Paneristi Club Members,

My name is Simona, Simona Di Stefano. I am pleased to be part of PANERISTICLUB e.V. from the beginning on.
Many of you I know in person, the others I want to give a little background on myself.
The love to „Officine Panerai“ began already in my cradle as a baby. Not direct, but crabwise.
My great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather and grandfather were owning one of the biggest tannery in Italy over generations.
As a six year old child I was spending a lot of time in the middle of the leather skins of my family. Due to that it seems that I was served with the finest Italian “Leather DNA”.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-05 um 07.53.39

As a child I spectated my father while he was working and helped him wherever possible.
Few years later I started my studies in economics at the University of Florence. After my studies I worked for “Officine Panerai”, more precisely in the „Orologia“ at the dome.
After two hard but also nice years in the Orologia, I was asked to work in the first “Officine Panerai Boutique” in Portofino. Great chance for me to get out of the city to the sea side, which I really love. So it was possible for me to enjoy the fantastic scenery and sea whilst working.

Portofino boutique

My love and passion for the brand “Officine Panerai” led me to the idea to create straps out of the finest Italian leather for the most beautiful watch brand all over the world.
The DNA from my ancestors was back…Out of my idea a small company was born. For many years now I create, produce and sell leather straps for Panerai watches.
Sometimes special editions in low quantities and rare high-quality Italian leather. Every strap is equipped with the DNA of my family and all my love to the watches from Florence.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-05 um 07.53.10

Many of the Paneristi from the beginning from all over the world, I met in person during my time with Panerai, visit me and my family even today in our house in Florence. On the one hand to check the latest, sometimes hand-sewn strap creations from finest Italian leather or just to have a little “Paneristi Chat” while having pasta and a glas of wine.

Dear PANERISTICLUB e.V. Member, again thank you so much for being part of our club.
As mentioned to Karim before, you are all warm welcome to visit me, my partner Chris and our dog Ziggy in our house in Florence.
I am looking forward to live with you together the “PANERISTISPIRIT”.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-05 um 07.53.58

Mille Grazie

Eure Simona”