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I’m Peter, strap artist. Strapmaking story started when I wanted to buy a watch strap. I was searching for a vintage looking strap, before I found the one that I’m looking for, accidentally I met my friend that running leather business, traditionally processed. Talked to her about leathery makes me think to try to make my own strap n actualize my ideas on strap. Through some exercises and tutorial that I can found on net, finally it’s done, and I show my first-made strap to my friends and they like it, they like the vintage looking, thickness, and softness of my straps. After that I started planning to produce my own brand straps then made it happen, and here I am now, ready to fulfill your passion on a good straps.

Wir fertigen seit Ende 2007 handgefertigtes Straps und unser Konzept ist „Kunst am Handgelenk“. Alle Bänder sind für Sie einzigartig, 100% handgefertigt  von unseren geschickten Handwerkern seit 2007. Wir haben auch Straps für Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Egiziano gemacht, der sie bis heute am Handgelenk trägt. Wir bieten eine breite Palette von Produkten für Panerai, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, IWC, JLC, Seiko, Apple-Watch, Anonimo, Hublot und vielen anderen Uhren. Erleben Sie Ihre Gunny Straps heute.



… still hand crafted by skilled artisans. The old fashioned traditional way from only the finest quality leathers available … „Quality not Quantity“ Designs.



Mays-Berlin stellt handgefertigte Lederarmbänder als Maßanfertigung her. Jedes Strap ist ein Unikat und wird speziell für den Kunden gefertigt, dabei versuchen wir jeden individuellen Kundenwunsch umzusetzen. Die Fertigung der Straps erfolgt in kompletter Handarbeit – ohne den Einsatz von technischen Hilfsmitteln fertigen wir jedes Band von Hand mit klassischem Sattlerwerkzeug an.

Ihr Mays-Berlin Team.


Soft and high-quality Handmade True Vintage Straps for Panerai, Rolex, VDB, Ennebi, Helson and more

Corrigia-Bänder werden nach dem historischen Vorbild mit aufwendigen Techniken vollständig von Hand gefertigt. Dabei werden von der alten Ahle über das antike Ledermesser bis hin zu alten Lederhobel werden ausschließlich nur antikes Werkzeug benutzt.
Die Vintage-Erscheinungen und Abnutzungsspuren werden in stundenlanger Handarbeit durch schleifen und polieren realisiert.

Corrigia Leather Atelier from Karlsruhe/GERMANY



„I want to create something breathtakingly beautiful.“
-Albert Yuan, designer of WOTANCRAFT

We undertake the name of Wotan, the god of war and wisdom, for it is an everlasting battle to uncover our true sincere aspiration.

Our design language establishes a trait of personal aesthetics, communicating the passion for sensuality and intuitive beauty that is so often overlooked in the realm of functional creations. As a leather craftsman workshop in Taiwan lead by designer Albert Yuan, we dedicate ourselves to creating unique items that feels right.

We are in love with our creations, and that makes all the difference.




Paneristi Norge is a quite green group started in Norway in the early 2016 with the intent to gather people who share the passion for the Panerai watches and its history.

Things are getting more interesting as many people in Scandinavia have begun looking at this brand with different eyes and they are approching it with interest. For this reason we are evaluating at the moment how we should proceed.
We are sure that the group will grow up quite fast.
At the moment the group is just on the Facebook and we are also looking for other solutions.

We are really pleased that the German group is willing to cooperate with us It makes us feeling very lucky.




Panerai is more than a watch brand, especially the Panerai watch owners called „Paneristi“ all make the difference.
In India the brand Panerai is not that popular yet in the luxury watch market, this will slowly change.

Here you will find Panerai watch reviews & strap reviews of straps made for Panerai watches by various strapmakers from around the world.

You are welcome



On 6th of February 2011 we founded PANERISTI SPAIN. We have managed to make Paneristi España a completely independent website of the other pages on watchmaking. Without advertising and without economic ties of any kind with the brand or its distributors. In a natural way and with the ideas and contributions of everyone, both the team and yours, we hope to achieve of Paneristi Spain one of the websites with more and better information about the brand in Spanish language.

Our main objective of Paneristi Spain is to favor meeting place where we can share our passion to all those who are fans and all who want to know more about Panerai. We try to get everything that we want to know as Paneristi, to be reflected in the web.

Thank you very much for your support and welcome to Paneristi España

The Paneristi Team Spain



Welcome to TIMEKEEPERS CLUB – international internet portal dedicated to Haute Horlogerie. TIMEKEEPERS CLUB was created to deliver broad range of services for business and personal purposes. Here you will find detailed information about latest novelties from top watch manufactures; you will find answers to your questions about watch industry, growth, innovations and also about investments in this market.


Welcome to Paneristi Hellas, the Hellenic Panerai enthusiast forum! You will have a corner for our non-greek friends. We hope you enjoy being here and that you will make the most of this experience! We are glad to invite you to visit our forum. If you have any questions or feedback regarding our activities, you can either send a message to us and you will receive an answer.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



English Corner