P-Day 2016 “BERLIN” we are coming!

Dear Paneristi,

From 6.10. Until 9.10.2016 this year “P-Day” takes place, this time in Berlin in our capital. We are looking forward to providing you with many pictures and nice impressions right here in our ticker. The Paneristiclub is with some members and we would like to thank you very much for the great recordings, you are really class, let boys and girls, have fun and enjoy the time together with our friends from all over the world, “We Are pamily “. A short comment on the matter, the ticker is time-delayed for security reasons to avoid the individual events.




Let´s go Ristis:

1.day “The Arrival”:

Berlin? Nein Köln, Thomas macht sich gerade auf den Weg in die Hauptstadt.


2.Tag in Berlin:

Unser Volkmar macht sich auch auf den Weg!

Wo bleibt nur Volkmar, ob er noch rechtzeitig kommt?

Volkmar ist anscheinend angekommen, ” Gott sei Dank”!

Ready for dinner!

Let’s go “Clubbing” to the club!

3.Tag: Main event day!

Eine Bootsfahrt die ist lustig, eine Bootsfahrt die ist schön. An dieser Stelle grosses Lob an das Berliner Orgateam, great job my friends!

“Dive in your time”

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